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Fill Now CIS-5357 Form Protect your PDFs with our service that suits business-standard encryption and safety, including DESIGN Act and GDPR. Is it really secure? How do I protect and keep the DHS SSC-CISA form securely? You may try a free trial for our online PDF and image uploading tools. Upload a blank (do not submit to CG-5357) DHS SSC-CISA form. You may use our online tools for free. Download as PDF, PNG, BMP or EPS file for free. You may submit CG-5357 form from web for free. Or, use the online tools to fill in and submit your form within a couple of minutes — at no cost.

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Accepting the improper Social Security Number
Failing to certify your return
Sending your return to the improper address
Missing the deadline
Failing to save a duplicate of signed form

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FAQ - CG-5357 Form

To provide a listing of all the persons who are or have been members of the group.
The following types of employers with employees have the right to issue a work permit: Businesses in Canada with two or more employees who have the right to operate in Canada. If you have been granted a work permit pursuant to paragraph 6.1.1 or 6.1.2 of the Regulations, you may elect to use this right. You may use the right to issue a work permit only if you have operated as a business in the Canadian market for more than five consecutive months from the first day that you were physically present in Canada. For these purposes, a work permit is considered effective on the date that it is issued. For details, refer to the current Regulations. Employers operating as sole proprietorship and partnerships are no longer entitled to use this right. Employers with fewer than two employees who are located in Québec and have been granted an indefinite permit or an extension permit pursuant to a reciprocity agreement with Canada. You must submit an application form to the Minister of Workforce Development. When completing the application form, enter a business address from your passport that matches your business address on the list of business addresses provided on the form. Your business address must be in Canada or in Québec. This address must also match the business address on the Canadian Work Permit. For details, refer to the current Regulations. Employees of the following individuals (including spouses, common-law partners and dependent children) who do not have the right to work in Canada and who have been issued: Temporary work permits (TWP), Temporary work permits (TP), Interim Work Permits (ISP). If you do not use the right to issue a work permit, follow the steps below to obtain an Interim Work Permit (ISP). Once you have obtained an Interim Work Permit, your permit will not be recognized by Canadian immigration authorities, however, you will be able to request it to be issued or renewed on the basis of a different permit. To get an Interim Work Permit, fill out Form ISP/1 (PDF, 545 KB). Employees working in the United States. All the requirements that are specified on your I-9, I-20A and I-129B form have to be met.
You will need to complete a CG-5357 Form by the end of the calendar day(s) following the closing date for your tax year. For instance, to complete a Form 5357 after June 5, 2016, you would have to do so by July 5th. When should I file my Form 5357? It's also a good idea to file a Form 5357 when your tax year closes. The earlier you file your Form 5357, the earlier you can file your tax return. In addition, if you receive a C-GIS and Form 5357, you have more time to file. What is a C-GIS? A C-GIS is a record of how much you paid in Social Security and Medicare taxes to the federal government. You can use this information to calculate your Social Security and Medicare benefits and possibly claim a refund. However, because of the unique nature of how Social Security and Medicare taxes are calculated, you should only claim your refund if you qualify to do so. See the FAQs below for more information on how you can determine whether you qualify for a refund. Do I need to file a C-GIS with my Form 5357? There are times you may need to file a C-GIS. For example, you might need to file Form 5367 if you: Lack the actual tax year in which the tax was paid. For instance, you did not file a federal return during 2011 because you were born in 2009. Filed a Form 5357 for the Social Security and Medicare tax you paid in a prior tax year. Lack the actual tax year in which the tax was actually paid. For instance, you filed a Social Security Form 5106 for tax withheld in 2005 but never paid the tax in question. Your application is incomplete. For instance, you need to complete certain statements on your application. If you need to file a C-GIS to file Form 5357 for a tax year that isn't complete, you should file a form that has the information on it. I owe Social Security or Medicare tax for a prior tax year and have not been able to determine if I still have to file. How can I find out? You will have two options.
If you wish to create your own CG-5357 Form, we provide the tool, software and support to help you accomplish it, and you will save thousands of dollars when you purchase a custom service and/or support package.
We ask the questions as a courtesy to you. If you have any questions about our form (and the process of returning it to us) contact us at: Customer Service: x.21 T: All answers to all technical questions are available on this form. You will be able to get a copy via email. You don' t need to fill out the PDF.
For more instructions on how to create CG-5357 forms see the following document: CGS-5357 Form: How Do I Create a CG-5357? NOTE: If you don't have an Adobe Reader or other PDF reader, you may want to find them here. How do I update my address. Please note I have an address that changed. Please update to the new address here. How to Update Your Address How do I receive my new email from CG-5357? You'll receive a confirmation email from us and another email from Version once your form is submitted. How do I know my form has been successfully submitted? Your new form will be attached to your message. My form didn't create an email address on my Version Account, do I need to re-create an email address? No, we don't need an email address from you or from Version. However, if you plan on doing business with us, you'll probably want an account created. Please note: CG-5357 forms will be sent to you via email. Do you need a Verified Business? Yes. For more information, go to How Do You Get Your Verified Business. Can I be a “Trustee” for my clients? Yes. You can apply to create a “Trustee” account for up to 1,000 clients and to manage all of their Verified Business relationships for up to 1,000 clients. See Trustee Registration, here.
Document Number Requirements (PDF) Documents that will need to be attached to your CG-5357 : Certificate of Birth (only if no parent certificate is available) Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate, if applicable Proof of Identity (valid for the years for which it is being applied) Evidence of Relationship to the person for whom you are applying A current address to which you can mail copies of the above documents Note: All documents that will be used for your CG-5357 will need to be original documents. Please note that it is not sufficient to merely affix a physical piece of paper to an envelope. If the seal on the envelope is broken or the piece of paper is not the same size as the envelope, it will not be accepted as acceptable proof of identity. In such a case, we request that you make a photocopy of the original document or a photocopy of the original document that you have sent to us. What documents do I need to submit to the Family Court to get my name-dropped from the birth certificate? A completed and signed petition to have your name removed from the birth certificate A photocopy of the certified original of any document that will be used to apply for or amend a court order which may remove your name from the birth certificate or that requires your consent to be obtained and verified A list of all courts in which your name is required to be added to the birth certificate A completed petition to remove (if applicable) and/or change my name from that of the person listed on the birth certificate You can find out how to file your petition to remove and change your name (PDF) with the Family Court directly from the website of the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics. Which court am I eligible to apply for the name change without appearing in court? If you qualify, you can file your name change petition at any of the Family Court's three county family justice courts. The counties covered by the Department of Public Welfare's County Family Court System are: Cumberland, Gloucester, and Hudson. If it is not practical to appear in court at one of the three County Family Courts, you can still apply. For information, call. Please be sure to request for the Court Website address and court name.
Each time we ship a package, we will provide you with the specific information of the form and its purpose. However, you can always call between 8AM — 8PM, Mon-Fri. To speak with a representative. There is an estimated 6 to 8 weeks for the processing of any new order, so be sure to call before ordering anything. How long will it take for my order to be shipped? It can take 3 to 5 business days, depending on your location and the number of packages placed. We will call during normal business hours Monday – Friday 9:00AM — 6:00PM PST to confirm it will be received in time for you to receive it in the mail. How do I apply for an upgrade in my order? Please call with your order number and request an upgrade. You can also access our Support page with this information. If the email account information you entered is wrong and your email address is not in our records, can I change it? Our email system is secure. Unfortunately, we cannot accept and/or answer any claims due to wrong password information in our system. We are not obligated to change customers' password information. Do you ship to international locations? Yes! We ship orders to most European countries, the USA and Canada. If you reside in another country, please contact one of our representatives. Can other companies ship to the same address? Yes, as long as the address is consistent. All orders must be sent to the same billing address for verification purposes. If you want to send orders to different addresses, just contact us, and we will assist in changing the shipping address. The shipping address must coincide with your billing address. This is the only address you can provide in our system. If you don't enter it correctly, your order will be held for further review. What if the order I'm trying to place is not available for shipping, what do I do? Please call between 8AM — 8PM, Mon-Fri. To speak with a representative. What if I don't receive an order confirmation after 4 to 5 business days? Your account may have been locked. If the following apply to you, please contact Support for assistance: — You are not receiving any new messages from us.
The number of forms mailed out on the 1st of each month averages over 3,000 per month for the 3 years. How long does it take for me to receive a response to my request? A CG-5357 Form usually receives a response within 4-5 business days after it is received by the VA in the Mail with a confirmation number. What is a request for a VA Form to request medical care or treatment for my service related disability? A request for a VA Form to request medical care or treatment for your service-connected disability should be submitted with a copy of the service-related disability rating card and a request for a copy of the VA Form. What is the maximum payment for an approved request for payment of VA Forms to assist my disability? There are no limits to the amount of VA Form payments you may receive. What is an approval letter? When a request has been approved by the VA Office of Disability Appeals you will receive a letter in the mail. What is the standard VA Form that I can request assistance with? For more information on the use of VA Form or for assistance requesting VA Form or having an attorney review VA Form please call 202.353.1021 for an appointment. What are the eligibility requirements for the eligibility for compensation for disability programs? The Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) has established the following eligibility criteria for eligibility for VA compensation for disability: You are an active-duty, national guard or reserve officer, non-commissioned officer, or enlisted member of the Coast Guard or Marine Corps or of any uniformed service of the United States. You are 65 or older or the dependents of such person are 65 years of age or older. The dependents include any disabled adult with whom the applicant is living. The dependents, if any, are less than 66 years of age. A member or applicant is not receiving VA compensation as a survivor of a veteran who died of a service-connected disability during the period of eligibility for compensation for disability. However, if you are receiving VA compensation as survivor of a disabled veteran and, during the period of your eligibility and as a result of the disability, you are a disabled veteran, or you are receiving disability compensation under other arrangements (as stated in question 10 above) you are also entitled to receive compensation for a disability.
CG-5357 form will be mailed once the form has been submitted. Form CG-5357 need to be submitted within the period of 2 years after the date of birth. If you don't receive your CG-5357 form within that period, please call and we will help you. Please see below information regarding “Other Documentation Required”. If the birth parents do not have this documentation, their applications for “Additional Documentation” will be turned down. A copy of the “Additional Documentation” document needs to be attached with your application. If you are applying for birth parent adoption, there are a few additional steps and requirements. You will not be able to apply for adoption until you submit the documentation from birth parents, as we need to have an active medical order (birth certificate/medical record) before we can proceed with a birth parent adoption process. Please see the following chart for required documentation: For a CG-5470 Proof of Parentage Application: For a CG-5420 Proof of Parentage Application: Note that the required documentation (birth parent papers only) for “Other Child Adoption” cannot be submitted until after you've submitted an “Additional Documentation” application, as the birth parent application needs to be completed before the “Other Adoption” application can be submitted.
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