Video instructions and help with filling out and completing individual development plan strengths examples

Instructions and Help about individual development plan strengths examples

Having a plan for employee development is essential to ensure the performance and productivity of the organization and the department I'll talk about the steps for making that plan in this video hello I'm Steven Goldberg of optimist performance bringing you practical ideas and tips on leadership team development and personal performance in the workplace in order for the organization and department to meet its goals and objectives employees need to continuously grow and develop and of course we live in a world of change especially in business where technology is driving so much change for improvement for innovation creativity and if people are resistant to change to grow then you cannot move forward you cannot propel the organization often the task of creating a human resource development plan is the responsibility of the human resource department in my opinion it's the responsibility of the manager you may not even have a human resource department the manager or leader is responsible for the performance and productivity of the employees in his team and so it's up to him or her to make sure that people are growing and they need to plan the development of people in order to meet the goals and objectives here are the steps I suggest to create that plan the first thing is you need goals and objectives for the department now that may not always be clear so you want to clarify that if you're the department manager get as much information you can about the goals and objectives of the organization or create your own and I suggest involving your team members as much as you can in this process that way they're part of the construction of the goals and feel responsible to doing what's necessary to achieve them and that includes their growth and development number two is relative to the goals and objectives of the department of the organization what do you need to achieve what are the strengths and weaknesses of each team member what can you leverage as a skill or an asset and where are the challenges that need to be addressed now often the challenges can be addressed through new skill development obviously if you want to bring in new ways of doing things there's training involved or orientation for employees in order to adapt to those changes and I suggest taking a holistic approach to looking at employee development look at not only their technical or job skills but also more the interpersonal skills as well because as we evolved teamwork is becoming more and more demanding we need to make sure people are collaborative and thus teamwork skills interpersonal skills play a big role in having teamwork be effective in any department or organization next you want to meet with each individual employee to discuss their goals and objectives review what they need to learn in order to meet the objectives of the department and how you can help them in that process