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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to write an individual development plan

Instructions and Help about How to write an individual development plan

Hello everyone my name is Lindsay Cooper and this is my presentation on my action plan for my personal development the two developmental areas that I chose to speak on today are emotional intelligence and flexibility I think that emotional intelligence is probably the most important developmental area that I studied this semester I think that emotional intelligence is honestly the key to personal and professional success using emotional intelligence manage stress and that's essential to your mental health and just identifying the stressors that you have in your life and keeping those to a minimum social skills are very important to help create a social network a personal social network of friends and family that are there to support you and a professional support network that you can use to advance in your career and understanding what motivates others in the workplace really makes an effective leader understanding how people's minds work and what helps them to do better at their job is so incredibly important also I chose to speak about flexibility this is incredibly important to me I know that I have issues adapting to change quickly and effectively I often you know if I make a plan and I lay out how I want things to go and then something doesn't go as planned I react negatively I know that about myself and I know that I need to work on it this is my plan to do so also trusting others to make decisions when those decisions affect me it's a an issue in my life personally and professionally so this is my plan to work on it here we go as far as emotional intelligence here are the things that I will do I will keep a journal of my responses to stressful situations I plan on doing this room one for week seven days August 15th through the 22nd and at the end of this I will have a completed journal at the end of the week with at least one entry per day I would like to have more than one but at least one for consistency I will also attend a company organised fundraiser and I'm going to use this as a networking event this is planned for Thursday August 11th from 6 to 9 p.m. and the items that I will have to prove that I completed the tasks are the business cards and contact information of the people whom I successfully networked to it I also plan on adding them to the messenger that we have at work called link Microsoft Lync so I can contact these people as I need to I work in the banking industry so I need a quick bit of information I could contact that person directly so I can already see it working I will also read emotional intelligence at work a professional guide of ID seeing this book was suggested to me at the end of the emotional intelligence assessment that.

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