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The standard affidavit of exempt sale simplifies purchases for tax-exempt organizations as a standard form accepted by all stores in Colorado retail stores also benefit as one form will be presented by all tax-exempt entities no more store specific forms or photocopying of supporting documentation is necessary tax-exempt organizations can simply go to the website of the city or town and which they are based to download the form they can even enter all of the standard information and save the form before sharing it with their employees who make purchases bring a copy of the form along with your supporting documentation to the store with you your supporting documentation might include a tax exempt form for nonprofits or a business license for resellers the cashier should verify the information on the affidavit with the information on the supporting documentation don't worry about the logo this just indicates where the tax-exempt organization is based or where they're making the purchase this affidavit is valid throughout Colorado just make sure you review and comply with the jurisdiction specific instructions on the back of the form if all information matches the cashier should complete the seller verification portion of the form including a short description of the items sold and ask the purchaser to verify that the items qualify as tax-exempt the purchaser needs to sign and date the affidavit affirming the items are for use by the organization the cashier should attach a duplicate receipt to the form the store should keep the form on file as proof of the tax-exempt status of the sale you.