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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dhs individual development plan

Instructions and Help about dhs individual development plan

Step 17 create a development plan for each employee you need to create a plan a path for people to improve skills to grow and to be the best that they can be you know people want to grow they want to be pushed certainly millennialism on it but we all want it so without focusing proper attention on employee development in a growing company a top performer can eventually become an average performer or even subpar they're not being pushed they tend to just get into a comfort zone they tend to coast so the process for creating an individual needs assessment and then a development plan starts with monitoring performance you know in our coaching program we have something called the gap analysis what does that mean well we take what we think is important for a particular job and we created 10 behavioural 10 behaviors that are necessary in order for them to succeed at their job and once you've identified that then you and the employee look for gaps so the employee says I give myself a grade A B and C 1 through 10 on this top 10 behaviors and management does the same thing as well well there's no reason for us to spend a lot of time and things that we both see as a 10 but if we both see something as a 2 then we can start working on those areas we can coach to the gaps we can train to the gaps and that's a continual process it's a big commitment for both sides you know the trap is once you start the gap analysis in the coaching program and people come to enjoy it they come to expect it the trap is that you've got to continue it and I'm back to that phrase called congruence I've talked to a million managers who have started something like that they've done an assessment they filled in the gaps they start coaching and training to it but they don't finish they're traveling some other project came in and then they stopped doing it and that sends a bad message to the employee it's so once you identify the gaps and you set the plan you have to follow up after you've done that you need to prfeedback you got to share your observations and concerns about the progress of how people are doing to shorten that gap but just not the gaps and see that's the other thing that I always wonder when we get feedback we tend to give feedback one on areas where people fall short in the gap hey I think you're not doing a good job in this following area but I also think that you should give feedback on what people are doing well because we can tell them what they're doing poorly and they'll try to adjust for sure but if you also say Steve you're doing a great job in the following.